Conifer Health uses our Population Health Intelligence Platform to provide care teams and plan administrators with secure, web-based access to comprehensive clinical and financial information. The platform accesses clinical data and other data from multiple sources. It also gives users easy access to disease registries, predictive analytics, population risk stratifications, hospital admission data and referral data. The platform connects to a data warehouse that stores and organizes vast third-party information into a highly efficient, well-organized resource. The powerful reporting engine tracks clinical outcomes and provides feedback. The platform also feeds information to our Population Health Portal, Participant Portal and Provider Portal.
Our Medical Management services combine people and information to create a highly personalized and effective approach to acute care management, chronic care management, utilization management and wellness management. Accurate, integrated data is used to identify at-risk patients, analyze care, track results and support wellness management. The result: patients experience fewer emergency and hospital visits and better overall health.
Risk stratification tools identify the population’s needs across all levels of risk so strategies on the types of outreach and interventions can be established to address the needs across the continuum. This tool uses demographics, medical conditions, care patterns and resource utilization to stratify patients into one of five categories: healthy, healthy with conditions, chronically ill, high risk and episode of care. This information can be used by medical providers and influence their healthcare management and decision-making, identify clinical interventions, and promote accountability.
Our Predictive Analytics tool models medical conditions within a population and identifies potential high-risk patients before they need expensive care. Predictive Analytics help determine where medical dollars have been spent in the past and where they are likely to be spent in the future.
The goal of our Care Team Coordination services is to aggregate and provide information in real time to applicable healthcare providers. These providers may then use this information in their treatment decisions.
Our Population Engagement services lead the industry in motivating patients to become involved as partners in their own health. By building supportive, long-lasting relationships, our personal health nurses achieve an 82-percent engagement rate with patients compared to industry benchmarks of 25 percent initial participation and only 7 percent long term. Our success is based on using third-party data to identify patient needs; fostering an active relationship among the personal health nurse, patient and primary care physician; coordinating, whenever possible, that the same nurse works with the patient and provides ongoing oversight even after an episode of care is closed.
Conifer Health’s Population Health Intelligence Platform provides care teams and plan administrators with secure, web-based access to comprehensive clinical and financial information they need to manage health for a patient population. The platform integrates clinical data and other data from multiple sources, giving users easy access to disease registries, predictive analytics, population risk stratification, hospital admission data and referral data. The platform also analyzes and organizes enrollment and paid-claims data from insurance companies, third-party administrators, benefit administrators, pharmacy, laboratories and payers. The powerful reporting engine is an informational resource for tracking clinical outcomes and management of patients.
URAC-accredited medical management software and services
We're a URAC-accredited provider of health utilization management and case management services, and vendor certified for case, disease and utilization management by the URAC*.
*URAC Accreditation through InforMed Medical Management Services, a Conifer Health Solutions company
Ranked as an early leader in population health management organizations in 2013
According to the KLAS® report, “Population Health Management 2013: Scouting the PHM Roster,” Conifer Health received the designation of “early leader” based on our portfolio of solutions.
Focus on accountability and outcomes
Our integrated, real-time data empowers the entire care team to be fully engaged and focused on results. Transparent clinical and financial information make it easy to track the progress of specific interventions.
Supports national evidence-based medicine (EBM) guidelines
Supports all levels of medical management interventions, including utilization review, case management and disease management. Provides clinical and evidence-based medicine protocols and condition-specific clinical guidelines from the National Guidelines Clearinghouse, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Medline and professional societies.
Experienced nurse managers
All personal health nurses are registered nurses with at least three years of clinical experience. When they qualify for testing, they attain certification in case management or utilization management.
A proven track record
Our medical trend rate is significantly below published national standards (averaging less than 4 percent) with a 4.5-to-1 return on investment achieved by reducing hospital admissions, length of stay, and emergency room visits.
Real-time information through user-friendly web portals
Customized web portals give providers and plan administrators access to the clinical and financial data they need to manage the population. Participant portals empower patients with information about their care to encourage them to become an active member of their own care team.