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Conifer Appointment Management


Key Benefits

  • Improve your ability to capture patient appointments across points of care
  • Extend scheduling hours to capture additional appointments and cancellations
  • Provide reminders to reduce no-shows for scheduled appointments
  • Improve overall patient and physician satisfaction
  • Better support test and treatment coordination with multiple providers

Turnkey Appointment Scheduling

One-call scheduling and registration meets patient and physician demand for convenient appointment scheduling. Expert scheduling advisors work with physician offices, insurance providers, and patients to ensure patients are prepared for appointments.

Appointment Confirmation

Improve efficiency with patient reminders that include prep instructions, directions and patient liability estimates. Reduce no-shows and late arrivals.

Extended Scheduling Coverage

Extend morning and evening coverage to capture additional appointments and unblock available appointment times due to cancellations.

Integration with your existing scheduling system

Integrates with your facility-based scheduling system. Work performed by Conifer scheduling advisors is viewable real-time and is a seamless extension of your on-site resources.

Offering Description

Patients and physicians have high expectations when it comes to service-and scheduling an appointment is no exception. Long hold times and cumbersome processes can and do frustrate the people you need to satisfy most. Conifer Appointment Management provides your patients with a friendly, efficient scheduling service, and delivers physician office staff the support they need. Expert multilingual scheduling advisors are kept current with ongoing training to strengthen their healthcare knowledge and customer service skills. Our rigorous quality assurance programs work to make every call a positive experience for your patients.

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