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Conifer Outreach Management


Key Benefits

  • Promote wellness and preventive medicine through physician network offerings
  • Better monitor patient support and improve post-discharge care efforts
  • Capture valuable referral and payment data
  • Apply resources to improve outcomes and reduce readmissions
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Drive meaningful use adoption

Patient Care Calls

Express care and concern for patients by advising them of relevant sources for follow-up care and support, including physician referral, support groups and wellness education.

Post-Discharge Follow-Up Calls

Provide customized, post-discharge calls to assist patients with adhering to discharge instructions, and connecting them to needed primary and specialty care in their communities.

Post-Emergency Department Visit Calls

Contact Emergency Department patients within 24 hours of care to check in, identify any need for a physician referral and facilitate a no-wait physician appointment when available.

Preventive Screening Result Calls

Provide screening results, give guidance on primary care physician follow-up and explain other actions requested by the screening physician.

Offering Description

Avoiding preventable hospital readmissions takes a team approach. Conifer Outreach Management is a turnkey solution with proven staff and systems that work closely with you to set the parameters for follow-up calls to drive engagement. We support your discharge process by continuing communication with the patient, so that necessary interventions can happen sooner. Our trained advisors are experts in reaching patients, coordinating needed care with community doctors, communicating and reinforcing discharge care instructions, and providing additional resources-all with a warm, friendly approach that builds confidence and loyalty. The calls are a powerful source of data for immediate action with specific patients and long-range strategies to improve outcomes.

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