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Conifer Direct-to-Consumer Response


Key Benefits

  • Gain mindshare and compete for market share
  • Drive patient acquisition & retention
  • Leverage traditional & multichannel marketing and communications
  • Align business development efforts with service line growth strategies
  • Measure the tactical and response success of outreach campaigns
  • Promote system and hospital brand awareness

Referral and Appointment Center to Capture Response

Provides 24/7, multi-lingual advisors who capture information from patients and consumers from traditional and multichannel outreach campaigns using branded and scripted guidelines.

Campaign Management

Supports multiple campaigns, events and educational programs, including website registration, scheduling payment, and fulfillment distribution.

Actionable Analytics to Measure Success

Provides data tracking, population tracking, and trend analysis to understand campaign performance.

Offering Description

Conifer Direct-to-Consumer Response provides your marketing and communications teams with the people, processes and technologies to attract, engage, and retain consumers and understand the drivers of market share growth. We monitor responses from digital campaigns, mobile communications, and email communications and provide customized activity and revenue analytics so you can make informed decisions. Conifer Health also provides on-site fulfillment for event registration, direct marketing and communications. We maintain your patient information that may be combined with external data from CRM sources or patient discharge data, creating a robust database that assists you with strategic outreach planning. More than 50 customizable data points can be used to cross-market services to consumers responding to new outreach campaigns, as well as identify patient follow-up opportunities.

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