Customized program support and communications
We will customize referral program support based on facility objectives and goals. We’ll work with your credentialing and marketing teams to develop customized scripting and automated post-call communications with each caller in a timely fashion. Using this detailed information, our expert referral advisors will match patients with the right physician to meet their healthcare needs.
Physician online presence
We maximize exposure to your referral program and awareness of available physicians and specialties via a branded online physician finder tool for hospital websites and designated landing pages. This user-friendly feature offers searchable fields to find a physician by their specialty, name or geographic location. This tool provides 24/7 web access to physician profile information, photos, links to practice websites and mapping technology while maintaining objective rotation practices.
Program reporting
Our monthly physician referral program reports provide trending for program usage and referral activity. Reporting includes referrals by physician, by specialty and other caller criteria. Our reports also provide online referral search activity and referral management information through the objective referral process.
Physician panel and profile management
We’ll work with your team to identity your physician panel and create robust profiles to ensure overall physician and patient satisfaction with the referral program. Our dedicated account representatives will manage ongoing program support aligned with marketing initiatives and goals.
Employed physician and medical group strategy
We understand that employed physician groups come with a subset of challenges and opportunities. Our physician referral solutions can be customized to support group practices and objectives from the system, regional or hospital level. Our account managers will work with your team to identify how we can uniquely assist with your employed group campaigns and initiatives and provide reporting to support these efforts.
Physician relations and liaison teams partnership
Our services help build physician brand awareness to your facility. We will partner with your physician relationship management and liaison teams to arm them with powerful analytics and feedback to demonstrate your hospital's important role in your community.