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Conifer A/R Management


Key Benefits

  • Recover uncollected revenue and reduce future denials
  • Improve cash flow to support your bond rating
  • Secure financing or maintain current operations
  • Supplement your staff for a one-time clean-up project
  • System conversion or longer-term safety net initiative
  • Improve yield and reduce aging accounts receivable
  • Lower the cost to collect and improve patient satisfaction

Accounts Receivable Management

Prioritize and collect third-party and self-pay receivables, and manage patient financial services responsibilities to help improve A/R operational performance and reporting.

Denials and Appeals Management

Tackle the complexities of your denials, underpayments and government audits, identifying root causes for clinical, technical, or administrative denials.

Focused Billing and Follow-Up

Focus on A/R most likely to yield immediate cash flow, resolve at-risk receivables, submit unbilled claims, and manage denials and appeals.

Management Action Plan (MAP)

Identify long-term A/R performance improvement opportunities and work collaboratively with your patient financial services staff to increase clean claim submissions and reduce aging, denials, and underpayments.

Offering Description

Conifer A/R Management resolves A/R through high-impact services that help you bring in the revenue you’ve earned. Customize your engagement to focus on a short-term conversion, or clean-up project, or choose to integrate with our world-class ConiferCore® Revenue Performance platform for a more long-term solution. With our skilled onsite and offsite resources and a process-driven approach, Conifer A/R Management consistently achieves resolution rates of greater than 95 percent of assigned inventory. We’ll help reduce your A/R backlog and identify processes, as well as policy and system changes that can improve your long-term financial performance.

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