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Conifer Referral Management


Key Benefits

  • Help patients find and locate care options within your network
  • Build and maintain relationships and satisfaction with patients and physicians
  • Support compliance with state and federal regulations via objective referral rotations

Customized Program Support and Communication

Uses comprehensive logic to match consumers and patients with the right physician to meet their healthcare needs.

Branded Physician Online Presence

Maximizes exposure to your referral program and awareness of available physician and specialist scheduling.

Program Reporting

Provides trending reports for program usage and referral activity, as well as online search activity.

Physician Panel and Profile Management

Identifies your physician panel and creates robust profiles to ensure overall physician and patient satisfaction with the referral program.

Referral Trending and Analysis

Provides detailed metrics for use in network assessment efforts.

Offering Description

Conifer Referral Management helps health systems build and maintain key relationships with consumers, patients and physicians to drive satisfaction, awareness, and profitable growth. Our services assist with meaningful use criteria by providing complete and accurate health information, greater access to provider information and the sense of empowerment for individuals to take a more active role in their healthcare. Our solutions are designed to make sure the right patient is connected with the right physician, with the goal of increasing engagement and satisfaction. Our combination of expert physician referral advisors, customized provider profiles, and our online physician finder provides 24/7 web access to physician information, photos, links to practice websites and mapping technology, while maintaining hospital-defined and objective rotation practices.

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