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ConiferCore® Population Health Intelligence


Key Benefits

  • Stratify your population into five categories based on risk factor severity
  • Understand health conditions in a population to develop proactive campaigns
  • Improve engagement and outcomes
  • Provide holistic patients views through comprehensive patient synopsis reports
  • Identify possible care opportunities
  • Create disease registries and manage cohorts

Powerful Data Warehouse

Aggregates, stores, and organizes administrative claims data, clinical data, patient surveys and assessments, and personal health device data.

Analytics to Understand Population

Stratifies your population based on levels of risk; performs predictive analytics to identify potential utilization trends; develops and drive interventions; and creates disease registries for over 25 conditions.

Patient Synopsis Report

Provides a consolidated summary of a patient’s history with all clinicians, including diagnoses, medication history, emergency room visits and hospital stays, physician history, chronic care management, and compliance with preventive healthcare screenings.

Provider and Plan Analysis

Quickly understand how a provider and plan are performing.

Comprehensive Reporting

In addition to the analytics interface, the patient’s care team has access to over 50 preconfigured reports which can be delivered on a scheduled basis.

ConiferCore® Solution Suite Integration

Enable all members of a patient’s care team to use the data through seamless integration with ConiferCore® Outcomes Optimization.

End-User Training

Our ConiferCore® technology training team will enable your users to take full advantage of the system features and capabilities. In-person training, online tutorials, and online training materials help to increase the proficiency of your users.

Offering Description

ConiferCore® Population Health Intelligence provides patient-care teams and administrators with secure, web-based access to comprehensive clinical and financial information they need to manage the health of a patient population. The platform accesses clinical and administrative data from multiple sources, giving users easy access to disease registries, predictive analytics, population risk stratifications, hospital admission data and referral data. Access information through an interactive dashboard, preconfigured reports, or a self-service analytics platform, all of which leverage the same integrated data set.

ConiferCore® Population Health Intelligence includes:

  • Data aggregation and data warehousing: Aggregate data from multiple sources to see a holistic view of an individual patient
  • Population health analytics: Risk stratification, predictive modeling, disease registry, and prevalent conditions
  • Patient synopsis report: Provider-friendly, two-year medical summary that can be used when consulting with healthcare providers
  • Standard and ad-hoc reports
  • Monthly standardized reports on pre-defined clinical and financial metrics
  • Online analytical processing allows multi-factored analysis of financial and clinical data to evaluate performance
  • Ad-hoc capabilities allow users to define custom criteria and run reports on demand

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