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ConiferCore® Outcomes Optimization


Key Benefits

  • Standardize and track care-management activities and outcomes
  • Leverage population health data to support informed care decisions
  • Focus patient care teams on activities and interaction that drives better outcomes
  • Provide supervisory oversight of productivity, case load and care management

Nurse Queue for Care Management

Displays the patient’s risk level, their complete patient synopsis report, potential care opportunities, as well as other analytics-allowing the personal health nurse to quickly tailor conversations with the patient to assist in identifying potential root causes of health issues.

Customized Health Management Plan Support

Guides the care team in developing a health management plan that factors in all aspects of care with clearly defined goals on how case and disease management and wellness interventions can improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs.

Transparent Reporting

Tracks the on-going progress of care management interventions in standardized monthly clinical and financial reports, and provides detailed “real-time” and summary quarterly reports highlighting key clinical process and outcome measures.

Evidence-Based Medicine Support

Identifies potential care opportunities to promote adherence to evidence-based medicine guidelines from National Guidelines Clearinghouse, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Medline and professional societies.

Integrated Solution Suite

Leverages analyses from ConiferCore® Population Health Intelligence and integrates with ConiferCore® Participant Portal. Information in the patient profile can be updated and version-tracked with audit capabilities.

Secure Messaging for Care Team Coordination

Enables secure messaging among all stakeholders-patient, provider and care team-ensuring care is appropriately coordinated.

End-User Training

Our ConiferCore® technology training team will enable your users to take full advantage of the system features and capabilities. In-person training, online tutorials, and online training materials help to increase the proficiency of your users.

Offering Description

ConiferCore® Outcomes Optimization is a web-based medical management software application that supports multiple levels of medical management interventions, including utilization management (UM), case management (CM), and disease management (DM), as well as wellness. Integrated with the ConiferCore® Population Health Intelligence platform, ConiferCore® Outcomes Optimization provides a technology solution for care teams to regulate and track their activities and the impact of that care management on the population as well as the individual.

ConiferCore® Outcomes Optimization includes:

  • Comprehensive medical management workflow tool
  • Automated calendaring and tracking system
  • Comprehensive set of standard care protocols with the ability to add custom-care protocols
  • Integration with ConiferCore® Population Health Intelligence platform
  • Secure messaging when combined with ConiferCore® Participant Portal
  • Supervisory reports
  • Case-load management
  • Cost-savings reporting

We have URAC accreditation for health utilization management, case management, and transitions of care services.*

Conifer Heatlh URAC Accreditation Seal for Case Management
Conifer Health URAC Accreditation Seal for Disease Management
Conifer Health URAC Accreditation Seal for CORE

We are URAC vendor-certified for case management, disease management, and health utilization management.*

Conifer Heatlh URAC Accreditation Seal for Case Management
Conifer Health URAC Accreditation Seal for Disease Management
Conifer Health URAC Accreditation Seal for CORE

*URAC accreditation through Conifer Care Continuum Solutions, a Conifer Health Solutions company

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