Gain access to data through warehouse and business intelligence technologies that collect, present and report aggregated data from various sources—including real-time information from physician offices—via dashboards and web-based portals. Actionable information allows you to make informed clinical and financial decisions, improving the cost and quality of healthcare delivery.
Refine your strategy for clinical integration and create a comprehensive development framework. We’ll help you realize your vision with consulting services and technology tools used by more than 200 successful CI networks to deliver high-quality, cost-effective care.
Create a clinical integration network that meets the unique requirements of your market, patient demographics, current physicians and anticipated demand for services in the future. We’ll analyze your current patient mix to identify the physicians and service lines you need to build an effective network.
Partner effectively with physicians by developing mutually agreed-upon governance structures and garnering participation in financial and quality measures. Improved alignment with your physicians will improve quality and coordination, as well as create a compelling story for your payers.
Conifer Health’s powerful Clinical Integration Intelligence Platform includes a comprehensive suite of web-based portals, dashboards and analytics tools to measure and report care, quality, and efficiency. Supported by industry-leading data aggregation and warehousing technology, the platform delivers the enterprise intelligence your clinical team needs to track and improve results at the physician, practice group and network levels.
In-depth industry expertise
Conifer Health assists nearly 300 clients with value-based care services and solutions, including independent practice associations, commercial and Medicare accountable care organizations, clinical integration networks, full risk-bearing providers, hospitals, health systems, self-funded employers, Taft-Hartley plans and federal/state employer plans.
Powerful data
Our Clinical Integration Intelligence Platform helps to integrate and support our care teams and coordinate care among multiple providers.
Information where you need it
Web portals make it easy for the entire care team to access performance data and generate reports in real time.
Proven know-how
Successful clinically integrated networks at large hospital systems use our consulting services and technology to demonstrate accountability and deliver high-quality, high-value care.
Insights into action
We understand that ACOs have different data needs. Our predictive modeling, financial analytics and clinical performance measures turn your data into actionable insights.
NCQA audited and validated
The NCQA P4P Audit Compliance Review program validates the integrity of the software that produces measurable results, and certifies that current NCQA standards are being met. Our software improves the accuracy of reporting and produces reliable and comparable results.
Experienced-based, turnkey solutions
Unlike competitors that address only certain elements of value-based care or partner with other companies to provide solutions, Conifer Health offers a robust, fully integrated, technology enabled solution that combines consultation, implementation and operational expertise.