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Senior Consultant
Value-Based Care
Conifer Health Solutions

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As a Senior Consultant, Value-Based Care (VBC), Sam Keeton is responsible for interfacing with clients, providing on-site support and expertise to clients transitioning to fee-for-value. Specifically, he has worked with clients on ACO strategy, risk-based contracting and analyses for population management initiatives.

Prior to joining the Consulting Division, Keeton was a Client Delivery Manager at Conifer Health, where he worked with independent physician associations and hospitals on managing financial risk, improving operational performance, and provider strategy and alignment.

Keeton has a bachelor's degree in finance from the University of Notre Dame

Navigating the Transition to Value-Based Care: Physician Alignment Is Critical to Your Success

Physician engagement and alignment are critical components for healthcare organizations navigating the transition to value-based care. An engaged and aligned physician network is a major determinant for enhanced patient care, lower costs, greater efficiency, and improved quality and patient safety. Successful physician alignment, however, remains a challenge for many hospitals and health systems.

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Proven Mechanisms to Sustain Margins While Transitioning to Value-Based Care Contracts

It’s widely recognized that value-based contracts fundamentally shift provider revenue sources and negatively impact what were current profit centers. Conifer Health’s two-prong approach has helped clients employ pragmatic and proven mechanisms to sustain margin improvement during their transition period to value-based contracting..

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10 Questions to Answer Before Entering into Value-Based Contracts

In many value-based payment program engagements, hospital executives jump right into questions about the mechanics of implementing specific payment models. But that's a common mistake - without first assessing the organization's cultural, operational and technical capabilities in managing risk. For that reason, we've identified the top 10 questions providers should ask themselves as they evaluate value-based contracting strategies.

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