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Senior Director, Clinical Documentation Improvement

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Dexter D'Costa is responsible for implementing CDI best practices for Conifer Health's client facilities and directing all functions within the company's CDI service offering. He has previously managed CDI programs at Stanford University Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente-Northern California, UCLA Health and John Muir Health. Recognized in India as a physician by training, he earned his medical degree from Goa Medical College and his master's degree in health administration from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He is a subject matter expert in the areas of electronic medical records optimization, physician education and CDI data analytics.

How Hospitals and Physician Groups Benefit from a Strong CDI Program

Without a well-established clinical documentation improvement program in place, healthcare organizations' risk rankings falling short of achieving clinical documentation integrity which underscores how critical accurately delivered and documented care reflects the well-being of individual patients and an organization's financial health. Here are three reasons why implementing a CDI program can prove beneficial to your healthcare organization.

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