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Sustaining Coding Success in an ICD-10 World

With a heightened industry focus on high-quality care and a new required level of granularity and specificity, coding will continue to serve as a cornerstone for optimized quality care and reimbursement performance. Learn how you can achieve coding success within the ICD-10 paradigm.

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Partnering to Achieve Improved Care Coordination, Reduced Costs

In a dynamic healthcare world, staying ahead of changes and evolving to meet the challenges of new care models and consumer-oriented care delivery - all while managing costs - is the new reality. For physician hospital organizations, this means not only meeting these challenges for their own organizations, but also helping their stakeholders succeed in this ever-changing healthcare climate.

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eBook: 7 Steps to a Clinically Integrated Network

The transformation towards more integrated and accountable healthcare delivery systems is aligning physicians, outpatient care, hospitals and ultimately payers in unprecedented numbers. Yet creating a successful clinically integrated network can be a daunting and complicated undertaking. Download the 7 Steps e-book and discover how to successfully navigate the many components of a clinically integrated network.

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Infographic: 7 Steps to a Clinically Integrated Network

Each step in the process of building a clinically integrated network (CIN) requires an understanding of the market to successfully navigate the many complicated aspects of network development. See what it takes to build a CIN.

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5 Considerations for Designing Healthy Wellness Programs

The combination of a looming deficit and rapidly growing healthcare costs spurred the State of Connecticut to develop a first-of-its-kind wellness program covering more than 200,000 state employees and their families. Read more about Value-Based Insurance Design (V-BID) and come away with strategies for designing healthy wellness programs for your organization.

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A Year into ICD-10: 5 Strategic Reminders

A year into the ICD-10 transition, many organizations have experienced only a few minor disruptions. As the industry continues to embrace the new coding routine, providers must now focus on processes and best practices to promote optimal revenue cycle performance for the long haul. These five strategic reminders can help your organization avoid impacts to cash flow.

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