Stephen M. Mooney


Stephen M. Mooney

President and CEO

Talk to Stephen Mooney and his enthusiasm for making healthcare better for all involved shines through immediately. That enthusiasm coupled with his “never stop evolving” mantra is what sets Conifer Health apart almost instantly. “We were born out of a care delivery organization,” he emphasizes. “We understand what clients face every single day, from every side. Patient care and engagement, revenue and expenses, access to capital and cash, and population wellness.”

“No company in the industry has the depth and breadth of experience that Conifer Health represents, nor can anyone match the passion of Conifer Health’s people” he says. “Take a tour,” he insists. “You’ll see what we really bring to making a difference in healthcare.

At Conifer Health, we understand that not every organization is equipped to deal with all the multiple competing operational priorities or priorities that require personal attention or can’t be delegated. But they aren’t necessarily best suited or equipped to deal with the financial and performance-related changes happening due to healthcare reform. “We are,” Steve says. “It’s all we think about.”

After more than 25 years in the industry, Steve takes the work Conifer Health does for clients extremely personally. “We can help them so much,” he says of many of the organizations that continue to do this for themselves, or turn to other providers. “I know everyone in this space, and there is no way anyone can do for you what we can,” he states. “But people can’t see that from the outside. You have to come in and look.”

If that sounds like an invitation, “It absolutely is.”


  • President of Conifer Health Solutions since its formation in 2008
  • Leader of Conifer Health’s predecessor organization, Tenet Patient Financial Services, from 2004 to 2008
  • More than 25 years of revenue cycle industry experience with Conifer Health and Tenet
  • Bachelor of Arts, Stockton State College, New Jersey
  • Master of Business Administration, Pepperdine University
  • Featured in December 2013 issue of Smart Business Dallas: “Reconstructive Success Story”